Welcome to BIG 5!

BIG 5 is a 5 week innovation bootcamp taking on globally relevant challenges.

We assemble a group of 30 students from the University of Colorado Boulder. We look for participants with diverse backgrounds, such as engineering, design, business, law and social sciences to form teams that will work over 5 weeks to design entrepreneurial ventures to tackle social and environmental problems. 

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Brought to you by the Global Entrepreneur in Residence program.

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The BIG 5 Podcast

In addition to the bootcamp, we produced season one of the BIG 5 podcast. We hosted interviews with an incredible panel of guests to learn more about last edition’s BIG 5 problems: water, food, housing, education and connectivity.

Our host is Evan Dicharry, an entrepreneur passionate about making a positive social impact on the world and enabling others to do the same.  He is determined to make up for his past life as a defense attorney and for not spending more of his youth as an audio engineer recording jazz records in New Orleans.

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