The Best PDF to Word Converter for Windows Review

Having a converter that serves you very well and that you have put trust on is indeed the best feeling. This is not usually the case for most of us as we have been exploited from our own ignorance. Many of us have ended up purchasing PDF to Word converters that do not meet or expectations because of a proper decision they once make.

This should however be not the case as below is a listed of the best PDF to Word converters ( that are capable of handling all your portable document formats. You do not need to have to worry about unworthy software anymore! Do away with the old and start working those that give you the best outcome.

  1. Nitro PDF Converter.


When you have a taste of a perfect user interface of converting tools, then you must have searched for a PDF to Word Converter such as the Nitro PDF Converter for a long time if you had no idea about it. This is because there is actually no converting software that can be compared to it as far as possessing a great user interface is concerned. The user interface of this converting program, is easy to use making adaptation even easier. When it comes to the task of converting plus other editing features, there is no mammoth task it cannot perform.


  • As I had sugested before there is no task big for it that it cannot perform, as it has the capacity to convert a bunch of documents simultaneously.
  • There are multiple choices to make from the cloud storage it offers such as the Drop Box, Google Drive and One Drive.
  • To make sure it delivers much better as it can be used around the globe because it has been input wit twelve international languages.
  • It perfectly and exclusively works only in Windows Operating System.
  • Features other multiple features such as the merging and splitting of files through the “Combine and Create” feature.
  1. TalkHelper PDF Converter.

The tittle that the TalkHelper PDF Converter tool is awarded as being the best PDF Converter did not come just as easily as you may think. The fact that it is a very efficient and yet incredible tool to work with, it also has some features that you should experience. It has been crafted with a special touch so that a user can feel every single moment that he or she is converting their PDF files into Word documents. There are very few converters that can match the level of quality output it displays on the converted PDFs.


  • User does not need to go online so as to convert their PDF files as they are all done from your local computer ensuring that all your documents regardless of whether classified or not, are indeed secure.
  • The conversion process involves a three step easy to follow procedure that yields high quality output with all the text fonts and styles, layouts and all other featured styles in the original document are maintained.
  • User can extract pages and texts from an original document and work it out in a new file that can be later on saved for future reference.
  • An additional feature is that it supports merging of multiple files into one and not only that a single file can be split to various multiples so that a user can work with them separately for different projects.
  1. Solid Converter PDF .

SolidDocuments pdf_7

Are you out there looking for a Net programming tool that will be a solution to your archiving and converting? Or are you looking for a desktop converter that possess that batching process that has been automated for your Windows running device? The search should have been long over when you heard about the legendary converting software, that is, the Solid Document PDF Converter. Here are some of the features that should help you realise what you really want from a PDF Converter such as this.


  • Automated flow is supported here by the use of appliances such as the watch folder and the pre-defined settings.
  • Apart from converting PDF files into Word files, it as well converts scanned TIFF documents into PDF files that are easily searched and which can be archived for future use.
  • It features a technical support service that handles all the software problems that may arise. Such issues being handled are how you can upgrade your software to the latest versions, or what to do if you lost your unlock code to mention just but a few. This is done by sending your questions to their emails where they will be promptly looked into.
  1. WPS PDF To Word Converter.


Encountering a file in its PDF is not something new this days and therefore everything that associates itself with and we daily associate ourselves with consent or not. A PDF file can be electronic or text prints that can be viewed by most of the devices. As a matter of fact, has become an ISO standard and is chosen as the final format for most businesses. Therefore having to create PDF files form other formats or vice versa is a necessity to all PDF users. Before I knew what a top PDF to Word Converter like WPSPDF Converter like can do, I had spent a lot of time retyping texts in PDF file formats to Word. However, Kingsoft came up with a solution that is long lasting that addresses this problems once and for all.


  • The programme has a powerful converting processor that allows the user to convert their PDF files to Word document files within a very short time just as the name calls for the function it does.
  • It saves a lot of time when adding files as the user can drag files to the application which summarizes how many pages the PDF document to be processed possesses.
  • Features a range of personalised setting features that is as easy to use as the conversion process. These settings page has an easy to navigate layout that allows you to choose between default settings.
  • Where unexpected errors may pop up and there is no technical assistance close to you, you can take advantage of their Customer Service support that has an icon on the top right when clicked directs the user to their email support website.
  1. Soda PDF to Word Converter.

The LULU Software developers decided yet to surprise with one of a kind converting tool that no words can perfectly match the task it performs and up to date I always ask myself why  am I so hooked up to the Soda PDF Converter and at least now I found the answer to that. Reason behind it is that it is as well streamlined converting programme that allows me to handle most of my PDF editing and conversion needs from a single platform. Those who say that there is nothing as a perfect converter then they have not tried the top PDF to Word Converter in the game right about now. The features it possesses will make it speak for itself.


  • Soda PDF to Word is an online and desktop version where the online version brings a touch of flexibility to the programme and as well integrates cloud storage services on platforms that are well established and available such as the Google Drive, Drop Box and the One Drive.
  • Those who prefer to have a user interface such as that of the Microsoft Office Word then this must be it as the interface of Soda PDF Converter has great interface that in all aspects resembles of the MS Office.
  • One feature about it that I did not expect is that it also reads ePub and comic book files.
  • With such kind of software running on your device be guaranteed of high quality output as well as the ability to view your documents in both small range and full page view ranges.
  • In its latest version, it has colour management plans and managing tools. You can also create a blank PDF just from this software.
  1. Wondershare PDF To Doc Converter.

For a long time we have been exploited by unworthy software that not only have lacked the ability to perform the tasks we throw to them but have also drained our pockets without giving that result we all want. What amazes me is how it runs very smoothly and does exactly what it promises it can do with a lot of ease. With powerful tools you won’t be stressing yourself with writing and printing PDF files by yourself. Something that I also noted about the customer reviews of the Wondershare PDF Converter is that many of them shared their gratitude towards this amazing PDF to Word Converter.


  • This programme features the ability to batch and convert many files at once. When we talk about numbers to be precise is that it can convert over 500 PDF files at ago. Isn’t that incredible?
  • It has also been designed to convert PDF files into Word format and other multiple formats such as Excel, EPUB, PowerPoint and HTML to mention a few.
  • For those documents that have been protected with passwords and restrictions can be accessed courtesy of the Wondershare PDF Converter and converting them to Word or any other file format you may wish.
  • The Optical Character Recognition in this device allows user to scan documents into editable texts that gives you a chance to change their formats, remove and change the sizes of the images amongst various editing capabilities.
  1. Nuance Power PDF Converter.

The fact that why the Nuance PDF Converter has not been the only choice for all of us that handle PDF files and allowed us to be exploited by other converters has left me puzzled. Nuance gets you covered than any other converting tool for your editing and PDF creating needs. A piece of information that will make you thank me is that at a third of the cost of Acrobat   you get all the similar features that it possesses. If that is not the definition of a perfect converter then I stand to be corrected!


  • Its advanced version at the cost of only $ 150, it comes with the Word output and not only that its features have been advanced and are compatible with enhanced accessible enabled checking.
  • It has d a dialogue box that has been enriched with controls and a set of buttons such as the radio button and check boxes.
  • There are other tools such as the commenting tool, a watermark that is added by dragging and dropping.
  • It also features an interface that just begs to be used in the sense that it is very attractive.


After the guideline above I believe it would be impossible for you to settle for anything will not meet your expectations. Above is just simply a summary of the best PDF to Word Converter that you will ever find in the vast market.